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Updated February 21, 2002
Over the past few days I've added a few new albums to the discography, and a new interview in the articles sections. I gotta give mad props to my man AstroBBoy for hooking me up with a few album scans and info. Go check out his Beastie Boys collection, it's sick.


Yeah yeah yeah, I'm sure you're all out there wondering why anyone would do a site for a band like DFL who broke up ages ago, and never really made much of a dent on the music scene anyway (boy, I'm nothing but an ass kisser, huh?). Well, here's the reason: I like 'em, and I figure there's AT LEAST one more person out there who does too. The only other site that
I could find is severely lacking in content, and I wanted to do something of my own.

But anyway, here's the site, I hope you like it. I doubt there'll be any updates, unless something big happens in DFL land (yeah, right). I hope you guys like it...Hef